Core Development Program

core development program

Positions are now closed.

The Core Development Program offers the opportunity to take on a real job and work alongside seasoned professionals, in fields ranging from engineers to financial analysts.

The program focuses on developing the technical and leadership competencies that will sustain the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) now and into the future.

Expand your primary discipline while cross-training in core business functions.

This 26-month program builds capable, innovative and experienced individuals with the know-how and skills to transition into a vital role at VDOT. 


core development participants

Core development participants at orientation,

 Summer 2016, Richmond, Virginia


Selected individuals participate in the program as full-time employees, with a competitive benefits package.

VDOT is looking for motivated, customer-focused and action-oriented individuals with the ability to solve problems, learn quickly and collaborate with teammates. 

A bachelor’s degree is required. We are particularly interested if you have a degree or experience in:

  • Engineering
  • Accounting or finance
  • Business administration
  • Environmental science

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