Land Development Inspection Documentation Best Practices Manual

Men hard at work on the construction ofa guard rail.

The Land Development Inspection Documentation Best Practices Manual (word gif 2.7 MB) has been developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to create one document that establishes guidelines and best practices for the construction, inspection and testing documentation for the building and acceptance of secondary streets and work completed under a VDOT Land Use Permit within the state highway right of way.

Implementation of this Manual will increase the statewide consistency for inspection, testing, and documentation related to the construction of new secondary streets and permit work.

This Land Development Inspection Documentation Best Practices Manual should be utilized for development projects that will hold preconstruction meetings or will be issued a VDOT Land Use Permit following October 1, 2012.

In addition to providing a higher level of consistency, there is another reason for the development of this Manual. In 2009, the Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements (SSAR). One feature included in the SSAR is the option for developers to use third party inspectors to ensure that new roads are constructed in accordance with all applicable VDOT requirements and standards. This Manual is the only comprehensive document which discusses the level of inspection documentation that shows VDOT that such projects were inspected in accordance with existing requirements when new roads are reviewed by third party inspectors.

The Manual is designed to be concise and provide the user with easy to locate requirements based upon the inspection option selected and the specific stages of construction. The general contents of the Manual are divided into the following sections:

  • Inspection options and related requirements
  • Inspection, testing, and documentation requirements divided into the eleven primary stages of construction
  • Requirements for all of the project completion phases
  • Appendices listing the responsibilities of the developer and VDOT
  • State street acceptance checklist template

This Manual is intended for use by the development community, localities, consultants, and VDOT staff to guide the construction, documentation of inspection and testing associated with construction conducted under a Land Use Permit and the construction of streets intended to be accepted into VDOT’s highway system. Since the documentation listed in this Manual may be amended by VDOT field staff based upon local experience, site conditions, and specific issues encountered in the various parts of the state, developers and consultants should contact their local VDOT Land Use Office to determine the specific documentation requirements for planned work.

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