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Innovative intersection and interchange designs provide transportation agencies and local communities with new options to reduce conflict points on highways and provide safer travel for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

These new designs can offer additional operational, safety, and economic benefits when compared with conventional intersections and interchanges.  

Today’s traffic and safety problems are more complex and complicated than ever, and conventional intersection and interchange designs are sometimes found to be insufficient to resolve transportation problems at busy junctions.

Innovative intersections and interchange designs are cost-effective and are intended to enhance economic development.

They are designed to increase efficiency to accommodate future growth in an area while maintaining access to nearby businesses and communities.

Below are informational brochures defining the different types of innovative intersections and interchanges, when they should be considered and the benefits they offer.

Each brochure has a navigation graphic that shows users how to negotiate the intersection or interchange.

Public Meeting Brochures:


VDOT Junction Screening Tool (VJuST):  

The VDOT Junction Screening Tool is intended to aid transportation engineers and planners when considering and screening innovative intersection and interchange configurations that address mobility and safety issues.

This sketch-level tool can help identify and screen innovative intersection and interchange configurations to be evaluated for further study, analysis and design.

Results are based on user inputs for turning movement volumes and lane configurations.

This tool is only applicable to isolated intersections or interchanges. However, the results may be indicative of how an intersection or interchange within a corridor will operate.

The results provided in the VDOT Junction Screening Tool are not meant to replicate the results that would be obtained from a more detailed traffic operations, safety and design analyses.

As such, the tool is intended to provide information to users that will aid them in the planning, screening and decision-making processes used to determine which innovative intersection and interchange configurations should move forward to a more detailed analysis.

Types of Innovative Intersections Design Guides

Below are Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) informational brochures and guides to aid transportation engineers in the design of the different types of intersection and interchanges.


Types of Innovative Interchanges and Design Guides:




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