Traffic Engineering –Traffic Asset Program

Traffic Control Devices Pre-approval Program

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has established a Traffic Control Device (TCD) Pre-Approval Program to evaluate and pre-approve traffic control devices against VDOT Standards and Specifications.   

In order to achieve this purpose, the program maintains both the Traffic Control Device Pre-Approved List (TCDPAL) and the Traffic Control Device Rescinded Product List (TCDRPL).

These lists will be routinely revised and should be reviewed regularly for updates and additions.

TCD Pre-Approved Listing

The TCDPAL is a list of traffic control devices pre-approved as compliant with current Road & Bridge Specifications, Standards and other minimum requirements for use on Virginia streets and highways.

Products identified on the TCDPAL do not require project specific review and approval unless project-specific special provisions, copied notes or plan notes have modified VDOT’s general specifications and/or standards for the product.

Products not listed on the TCDPAL may still be used on VDOT projects, however project specific review of catalog cut sheets is required – the TCDPAL serves as a shortcut to this process.

TCD Rescinded Product Listing

Pre-approved traffic control devices may be rescinded from the TCDPAL and placed on the TCDRPL.  Rescinded traffic control devices are typically those that are obsolete, discontinued, or no longer in conformance with VDOT specifications.

Products on the TCDRPL may still be used on VDOT projects, however only with project specific review of catalog cut sheets submitted in accordance with VDOT Road & Bridge Specifications.

TCD Pre-Approval Process

Product Application – The process begins with email submission of a completed product application to

Product Evaluation – Upon receipt of the application, VDOT staff will evaluate the product against pre-defined approval criteria.  Evaluation timelines, results and approval decisions will be communicated to the applicant and VDOT staff will address any questions or concerns.

Product Monitoring – If approved, the applicant, the product vendor and/or the product manufacturer are expected to proactively notify the Department of any significant product specification changes.  Failure to do so may result in the product’s removal from the TCDPAL.

At a minimum, the Department requires resubmission of Catalogue Cut Sheets on a 5 year cycle, in order to maintain approved status.  The Department also reserves the right to re-evaluate any or all products, as it may deem necessary.

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TED Traffic Control Device Contact Information

For information, please contact:

Bret Galloway, E.I.T. Traffic Engineer
 (804) 786-2536.

Mailing Address:

Virginia Department of Transportation
Traffic Engineering Division, Annex Building, 2nd Floor
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond VA, 23219.

Special Announcements

Until new guidelines are developed, VDOT will no longer pre-approve the following product categories:

  • Conflict monitors, controller cabinets, detector amplifiers, flasher cabinets, flashers, load switches, photoelectric controls, traffic signal controllers and pedestrian push buttons    

Effective July 1st, 2016, VDOT will publish its 2016 Road & Bridge Specifications.  Products on the TCDPAL (within product categories that were impacted by specification changes) were re-evaluated by the Department.   There is an ongoing effort to review product categories with no change in VDOT specification or standard.

VDOT-FHWA Agreement Related to Traffic Asset Program

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