Right of Way and Utilities Division

Appraisal Services for the Acquisition of Right of Way and Associated Services

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is requesting proposals (RFP) from licensed appraisers who wish to be considered for providing on a state-wide basis, appraisal services necessary for the acquisition of rights of way under a two year agreement.

It will be required of interested persons, corporations, or partnerships expressing interest that the services requested, relating specifically to appraisal services be performed according to current United States Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration guidelines and policies, Virginia Department of Transportation policies and procedures, applicable federal and state laws and USPAP. Appraisers shall have a demonstrated ability to perform these services. The scope of services include the appraisal of right of way by Virginia licensed appraisers or out of state appraisers who must have a reciprocal license.

VDOT’s stratified appraiser panel consists of Appraiser, Senior Appraiser and Review Appraiser. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements outlined for each level as defined below:

Appraisers licensed as “Residential” or “Certified Residential” Real Estate Appraisers are categorized as “Appraisers”. Certified General Real Estate Appraisers with less than 2,000 hours of appraisal experience specific to eminent domain will qualify as an “Appraiser” on VDOT’s approved appraiser panel. In addition, the appraiser must have seven (7) hours of continuing education specific to eminent domain before the first assignment or within six (6) months of application to VDOT’s approved appraiser panel, whichever is first.

Senior Appraiser
Must be licensed as a “Certified General” Real Estate Appraiser. Also, they must have more than 2,000 hours of appraisal experience specific to eminent domain. In addition, the appraiser must have a minimum of twenty-eight hours of continuing education specific to eminent domain appraisal.

Review Appraiser
Requirements are the same as Senior Appraiser. In addition, the Review Appraiser must have demonstrated at least two years of commercial real estate appraisal review experience and have experience testifying as an expert witness.

Firms or individuals interested in being considered must reply with three (3) copies of qualifications. Qualifications and requirements for application are outlined in the prequalification questionnaire located at the link below.

Replies should be sent to Vicki B. Patrick, Administrative and Consultant Contracting Manager, 1401 E. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. A copy of the prequalification package and additional information may be obtained by telephoning the Consultant Contracting office at 804-786-2910.

The Department assures compliance with Title VI requirements of nondiscrimination in all activities pursuant to this advertisement.

TTD/VOICE CALL: 1-800-307-4630 (Hearing impaired only)

Page last modified: July 13, 2016