Public-Private Transportation Act Guidelines

The Virginia Department of Transportation has revised the Public Private Transportation Act (PPTA) of 1995 (§ 56-556 et seq. of the Code) implementation guidelines in accordance with the amendments enacted by the 2005 General Assembly.


The goals established for the implementation guidelines are to encourage investment in the commonwealth by private entities by creating a more stable investment climate and increasing transparency and public involvement in the procurement process.

The implementation guidelines promote competition to create multimodal and intermodal solutions; increase flexibility in the development of interim agreements to accelerate required activities; and required greater commitments or guarantees by proposers with mandatory risk sharing.

Section 1 of the PPTA guidelines has been amended to reflect the incorporation of conflict-of-interest procedures and a written process to enable the Office of the Secretary of Transportation to make an early determination that a proposal meets the goals, principles and priorities of the commonwealth.

This section is effective Dec. 5, 2008, and shall apply to all transportation agencies.

Additional modifications to the PPTA guidelines will be made to support this amendment, along with other updates, in 2009 and will be posted for public comment prior to implementation.



PPTA Implementation Guidelines

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In addition to the Public Private Transportation Act Guidelines, there are two other important transportation related guidelines currently available for public review and comment. links to those guidelines are provided below. The first link is from the Department of Rail and Public Transportation and is associated with the Rail Enhancement Fund Policy Goals and Guidelines. The second is from the Virginia Department of Transportation's Innovative Finance and Revenue Operations Division and is associated with the Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund.

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