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2016 Virginia Concrete Conference

Using Self-Consolidating Concrete for Concrete Repairs
Carbon Fiber Composite Cable (CFCC) in Prestressed Concrete Piles and Beams
Changes to Division IV of the Road and Bridge Specifications
Link Slab Closure Pours and Deck Overlays near Covington, VA
High Early Strength Concretes with Improved Durability
Issues with Post-Tensioned Girders
FDOT Changing Post-Tensioning and Segmental Concrete Bridge Program

Roller Compacted Concrete Paving Panel: VDOT Perspective
Pavement Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Decorative Concrete for Pavements
Advancing the Use of the Maturity Meter in Hydraulic Cement Concrete Operations
Pervious Concrete Paving
VDOT’s Implementation of MEPDG
Roller Compacted Concrete
VDOT RCC Project - RSI Perspective

General Session
Concrete Research Program at VTRC
2015 Excellence in Concrete Award
Accelerated Construction Techniques
Concrete Mix Components: Trends & Challenges

2015 Virginia Concrete Conference

Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Overlays
The Continuity Conundrum - A Precast Supplier Perspective
Route 360 Inverted T-beams
Service Life Modeling and Preservation of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Reducing Shrinkage Cracks in Concrete Bridge Decks
Effects of Placing a Lightweight Concrete Deck on Prestressed Girders Designed for a Normal Weight Concrete Deck - (Publication)

Pervious Pavements for DOT and Municipal Use
SHRP2 Renewal – PCC Implementation Update
Concrete Paving at the Williamsburg/Newport News International Airport
Airfield Pavement - Not Your Typical Highway Construction Project
Route 30 King William County
Performance of Concrete Pavement in Virginia

General Session
Concrete Overlay Construction in North Carolina
VDOT’s Experience with Reinforced Concrete and Metal Culverts
2014 Excellence in Concrete Awards
The Elizabeth River Tunnels Project
Internal Curing with Lightweight Aggregate for Transportation Structures & Pavements

2014 Virginia Concrete Conference


Construction of the Route 460 Connector Phase 1
Dominion Boulevard: The Concrete Project
Aesthetic Treatment of Bridges
Service Lives of Reinforced Concrete Bridges “Right Action at the Right Time”
Flexible Post-Tensioned Duct Filler Materials as Alternative to Cement Grout

I-15 Core Project Case Study
DFW Connector Pavement Design and Construction - Challenges and Solutions

General Session
Pavement Type Selection – Updated Guidance on Use of Alternate Bidding
VDOT’s Use of Architectural Concrete
Presentation on Hydrodemolition of Concrete and Bridge Structures
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Pavement Vehicle Interactions – Does it Matter for Virginia?

2014 VAA Fall Conference

Lessons Learned: VDOT’s In-Place Pavement Recycling Research; Brian Diefenderfer, Ph.D., P.E.
FHWA - 2014 Fall Asphalt Conference; Irene Rico, FHWA
Rehabilitation of the Blue Ridge Parkway with FDR and AC Overlay; Michael Walters, FHWA - EFLHD
2013 VDOT Asphalt Paving Awards
Virginia's Best 2013 - Recognition of Virginia's Top Non-VDOT Asphalt Paving Projects
Pavement Recycling; David Kaulfers, P.E., PMP
RIDE (Ride Incentive Disincentive Evaluation) Fall Asphalt Conference; David Kaulfers, P.E., PMP
Industry Research & Innovation Projects; Audrey Copeland
Overview of Asphalt Research Program; Michael M. Sprinkel P.E.
Using PMS Data to Review Surface Mix Performance; Kevin McGhee, P.E.
Research Update: High RAP; Stacey Diefenderfer, Ph.D., P.E.
NCAT Pavement Test Track; NCAT
Bonding of Asphalt Pavement Layers; NCAT
Tack & Bond Strength; Rob Crandol, P.E.
Work Zone Safety;
Review of Virginia’s 2013 Work Zone Crash Statistics; David Rush
Construction Division Update; Alan E. Saunders, P.E., CCM
Materials Division Update; Andy Babish, P.E.
Materials Specifications & Virginia Test Methods (VTM’s) 2014 Fall Conference; Rob Crandol, P.E.
VDOT Safety Reminders and Traffic Engineering Changes; Vanloan Nguyen, P.E.

2013 VAA Fall Conference

2012 NCAT Pavement Test Track; R. Buzz Powell, NCAT
2013 Fall Asphalt Conference - Commissioner's Comments; Greg Whirley, VDOT
Applied Research Activities; Kevin McGhee, VCTIR
Construction - Section 100 and R&B Specifications; Mark Cacamis, VDOT
High Performance Asphalt Intersections - Fact or Fiction; Trenton M. Clark, VAA
High RAP Research Studies; Stacey Diefenderfer, VCTIR
Materials Division Overview; Andy Babish, VDOT
Materials Specifications & Virginia Test Methods (VTM's); Robert Crandol, VDOT
Maximizing the Service Life of Dense Graded Asphalt Mixes; David Lee, VDOT
Moving Ahead for Progess in the 21st Century - MAP-21; Irene Rico, FHWA
National Updates & Discussion - MAP-21; Andy Mergenmeier, FHWA
Porous Pavement - SR 234 Park and Ride Lot; David Shiells, VDOT; David Branscome, Branscome Paving Company; Michael Fitch, VCTIR
Thinlay - More Than Just Preventive Maintenance; Brian Dolan, MAA
Update on VDOT's Asphalt Research Activities; Jose Gomez, VDOT
VDOT Specifications Update Traffic Engineering & Work Zone; VanLoan Nguyen, VDOT
Virginia's Best 2012 - Recognition of Virginia's Top Non-VDOT Asphalt Paving Projects; Richard Schreck 

2015 Asphalt Regional Seminars

2015 Final Agenda
Presentation 1 (Sharkady - Blacksburg), 2015 Regional Seminar - Workzone Safety
Presentation 1 (Totten), 2015 Regional Seminar - Workzone Safety
Presentation 2 (Habib), 2015 Regional Seminar - Sustainability (Recycling)
Presentation 3 (Lee Mcghee), 2015 Regional Seminar - Superpave Mix Design Research
Presentation 4 (Murphy and Eckler), 2015 Regional Seminar - Thinlay for Preventive Maintenance
Presentation 5 (Crandol), 2015 Regional Seminar - specs and special provisions
Presentation 6 (Clark and Crandol), QA-QC presentation for Regional Seminars, Clark and Crandol
Presentation 7a (Lee McGhee), 2015 Regional Seminar - Pavement Layer Tacking and Bonding
Presentation 7b (Branscome, Jr.), 2015 Regional Seminar - Problems Contractors face with placing Tack
Presentation 7c (Cifers), 2015 Regional Seminar - Storage and Handling of Asphalt Emulsion
Presentation 8a (Shiells), 2015 Regional Seminar - Uniform Paving Platform
Presentation 8b (Moore), 2015 Regional Seminar - Uniform Paving Platform

2014 Asphalt Regional Seminars

Pres. 1 - Asphalt Quality Task Force - David Shiells
Pres. 2 - VCTIR Update - Kevin McGhee
Pres. 3 - Asphalt Mixes - David Lee
Pres. 4 - 2014 Specs VTM - Rob Crandol
Pres. 5 - Pavement Markings Issues - Nguyen Campbell
Pres. 6 - MITS and PLAID - Dave Kaulfers
Pres. 7 - Pavement_Wedge - Emmett Heltzel
Pres. 8a - Longitudinal Joint Density - Todd Rorrer
Pres. 8b - Construction of Longitudinal Joints - Ken Arthur
Pres. 9a - Paving Inspection Reminders - Trenton Clark
Pres. 9b - VDOT QA Program - Rob Crandol
Pres. 10 - Achieving Smooth Pavement - Dave Helmick

Regional Asphalt Meeting Documents


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Frequently Asked Questions
Session 1: Agenda
Session 2: Bonded Weigh and MCS
Session 3: AC Program Changes
Session 4: AC Spec Changes Lab
Session 5: WMA and High Rap
Session 6: AC Spec Changes Field
Session 7: Paving Inspector Reminders

Other Downloads

The Bonded Weigh Program: Weighperson Training Manual (.pdf 3mb)
Comparative Study of VTM and AASHTO Test Method for CBR
HPMS IRI Data 2003-2004 (.zip 980kb)
Virginia Flexible Pavement Design (.zip 106kb)
Weekly Tare Sheet (.zip 36kb)
Concrete Conference Presentations (link)
Staunton District Geotechnical Design parameters (.pdf 206kb)

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