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New Products Information:

New Products Application

Special Products Evaluation List (SPEL) (pdf 399 KB) 1/13/16

Manual of Instructions by Chapter:

I: General Instructions
II: Methods and Frequencies of Sampling
III: Geotechnical Engineering
IV: Sampling and Control of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
V: Sampling and Control of Asphalt Concrete

VI: Pavement Design and Evaluation
VII: Materials Acceptance and Materials Notebook Program
VIII: Reports and Forms
IX: Technical Tables and Related Data

Materials Division Memorandums (MDs):

MD 391-15: Acceptance of Geosynthetics(pdf, 140KB) 11/3/15
MD 390-15: Update by deletion of Section 803.68 Form TL-138, District Quality Review Checklist(pdf, 87KB) 11/4/15
MD 389-15: Chemical Admixtures for Hydraulic Cement Concrete(pdf, 78KB) 10/23/15 
MD 386-15: Notice of Revision to Materials Division's Manual of Instructions Chapter VI(pdf, 485KB)6/4/15 
MD 388-15: Manual of Instructions Revision to Chapter II Section 204.30 Reflective Materials in Pavement Markings(pdf, 39KB) 4/15/15 
MD 387-15: Funding Allocation for Purchasing District Materials Laboratory/Field Supplies and Equipment(pdf, 88KB) 3/31/15 
MD 385-15: References to Title 33.1 of the Code of Virginia(pdf, 144KB) 2/23/15
MD 384-15: Implementation of MSCR Binder Testing & Classification(pdf, 27KB) 2/4/15
MD 383-14: Calcium Chloride Surface Treatment of Gravel Roads(pdf, 41KB) 12/3/14
MD 374-14: Section 117 New Products Evaluation Committee Process(pdf, 112 KB) 4/17/14

Approved Lists:

Approved Lists (pdf 3mb) Updated 2/5/16
Pre-Approved NCHRP 350 Crash Tested List (Barriers) (.pdf 90kb)
Pre-Approved Traffic Control Device Listing (Link)

Virginia Calibration Methods (VCMs): 

Virginia Calibration Methods (.pdf 440kb) 8/25/15

Virginia Test Methods (VTMs):

 Virginia Test Methods (pdf 9mb) 10/16/15

VDOT Forms including Materials TL (Test Log) Forms

VDOT Forms (Link)

TL-131 (160 KB) 1/24/14


Materials Documentation

Source of Materials Resource Document (.pdf 404 kb) 09/10/07
Materials Notebook Resource Document (.pdf 2 mb) 03/16/15

Local Assistance Projects Webinar (May 1, 2015)

Locally Administered Projects Manual Updates & Materials Quality Assurance Plan Requirements (May 11, 2015)

District Project Listings (February 2016)




Hampton Roads


Northern Va




Certification Proficiency Checklists 

Asphalt Checklists:

Asphalt Plant, Level I Technician Proficiency Test
Asphalt Plant, Level II Technician Proficiency Test
Asphalt Field Technician Proficiency Test

Central Mix Aggregate Checklists:

Central Mix Aggregate Proficiency Checklists

Concrete Plant Checklists:

Concrete Plant Proficiency Checklists

Pavement Marking Checklists:

Pavement Marking Proficiency Checklists

Soils Checklists:

Soils Proficiency Checklists

GEOXT, GINT, Microstation, and GEOPAK Integrator

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Changes are periodically added to the information; these changes may be incorporated in future editions at any;gt;    

Permission is granted to anyone to use "GEOXT, GINT, Microstation, and GEOPAK Integrator" Software on VDOT projects.

GEOXT, GINT, Microstation, and GEOPAK Integrator (.exe 100 MB)

Readme and Documentation (.pdf 4mb)

Pavement Design & Evaluation Documents:

RTE 58 Concrete Overlay Open House

Overview of Open House
FHWA Technology Transfer Program and Concrete Overlays: Sam Tyson, FHWA; Kurt Smith, Applied Pavement Technology, inc.
Concrete Pavements in Virginia: Mohamed Elfino, VDOT
Construction of Overlays on US 58: Contractor Perspective: Lowell Jensen, Hi-Way Paving
Construction of Overlays on US 58: Project Staff Perspective: Bobby Baker, NXL Construction Services, Inc.
Construction of Overlays on US 58: Construction Summary: Tom Tate, VDOT
Construction of Overlays on US 58: Research and Materials Testing: Celik Ozyildirim, VCTIR
FHWA Mobile Lab Testing
: Jagan Gudimettla, FHWA

2015 Virginia Concrete Conference

Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Overlays
The Continuity Conundrum - A Precast Supplier Perspective
Route 360 Inverted T-beams
Service Life Modeling and Preservation of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Reducing Shrinkage Cracks in Concrete Bridge Decks
Effects of Placing a Lightweight Concrete Deck on Prestressed Girders Designed for a Normal Weight Concrete Deck - (Publication)

SHRP2 Renewal – PCC Implementation Update

General Session
Concrete Overlay Construction in North Carolina
VDOT’s Experience with Reinforced Concrete and Metal Culverts
2014 Excellence in Concrete Awards
The Elizabeth River Tunnels Project
Internal Curing with Lightweight Aggregate for Transportation Structures & Pavements

2014 Virginia Concrete Conference

Asphalt Program Documents and Presentations

VDOT/VAA Coop Meeting Documents 
Pavement and Trench Widening Workshop (.pdf 10mb)
Lynchburg District High RAP Production and Placement - 2008 (.pdf 2mb) 05/12/08
Richmond District-Dinwiddie High RAP Production and Placement - 2008 (.pdf 2mb) 04/18/08
Richmond District-Goochland High RAP Production and Placement - 2008 (.pdf 1mb) 06/20/08
Salem District High RAP Production and Placement - 2008 (.pdf 171kb) 04/04/08

2015 VAA Fall Conference

I-81 Recycling Project Update; Jose Gomez
VDOT Hi-Polymer Asphalt – Implementation of NCAT Test Track Research; David P. Shiells, P.E.
VDOT Hi-Polymer Asphalt – Industry Perspective
Improving Dense Graded Mixtures; David Lee, P.E., Stacey Diefenderfer, Ph.D., P.E., Kevin McGhee, P.E. 
SUPERPAVE Trial Mixes – Superior Paving’s Experience; Dave Helmick 
Specifications Changes for the 2016 Schedules; Don Silies
VDOT 2016 Traffic Engineering Specification Revisions and Work Zone Reminders; Harry A. Campbell, P. E.
Materials Specifications & Virginia Test Methods (VTM’s); Rob Crandol, P.E.
I-64 and I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation Project - VDOT Hampton Roads District - Challenges and Successful Outcome; Vasilios A. Andreou, P.E., Steve Ordung, Parker Mills
Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology (VECAT); Trenton M. Clark

2014 VAA Fall Conference

2013 VAA Fall Conference

2015 Asphalt Regional Seminars

2015 Final Agenda
Presentation 1 (Sharkady - Blacksburg), 2015 Regional Seminar - Workzone Safety
Presentation 1 (Totten), 2015 Regional Seminar - Workzone Safety
Presentation 2 (Habib), 2015 Regional Seminar - Sustainability (Recycling)
Presentation 3 (Lee Mcghee), 2015 Regional Seminar - Superpave Mix Design Research
Presentation 4 (Murphy and Eckler), 2015 Regional Seminar - Thinlay for Preventive Maintenance
Presentation 5 (Crandol), 2015 Regional Seminar - specs and special provisions
Presentation 6 (Clark and Crandol), QA-QC presentation for Regional Seminars, Clark and Crandol
Presentation 7a (Lee McGhee), 2015 Regional Seminar - Pavement Layer Tacking and Bonding
Presentation 7b (Branscome, Jr.), 2015 Regional Seminar - Problems Contractors face with placing Tack
Presentation 7c (Cifers), 2015 Regional Seminar - Storage and Handling of Asphalt Emulsion
Presentation 8a (Shiells), 2015 Regional Seminar - Uniform Paving Platform
Presentation 8b (Moore), 2015 Regional Seminar - Uniform Paving Platform

2014 Asphalt Regional Seminars

Concrete Program Documents, Meetings and Presentations

Regional Asphalt Meeting Documents

Other Downloads

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