MicroStationV8i Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Instruction for Consultants

  • How do I get to the software off the FTP server?
  • I need to know about Consultant Updates in V8i
  • I don't know where to set the (User) to Consultant and the (Project) to Imperial or Metric
  • What should I select when MicroStation opens?
  • Why do I need to use all of the default's from Bentley?       

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Bentley Application

  • How do I activate my Bentley Application?
  • Where do find the activation information?
  • How do I check out a license for my Bentley Application?      

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Bentley MicroStation (V8i) Training & Learning Path              

  • I want to know about the Bentley's Learning Path
  • How do I register for a LIVE Training Course?
  • How do register for an OnDemand eLearning Course?
  • I want to know about LIVE Training Course Registrations?
  • I am interested in the "Bentley LEARN Training Subscription"?
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  • V8 Software Downloads

  • VDOT's CADD Package Software Downloads
  • Download the files from VDOT FTP server located in the "download/ V8_Software" folder.

    Download FTP Form to get access to the VDOT FTP Server


Page last modified: March 16, 2016