Location and Design GEOPAK

VDOT is made up of many design disciplines. At present each division has their own working sub-directory in FALCON, i.e. L&D – d 11111, Survey – s11111, Environmental – e11111.  No division can write to another ones file.  However in GEOPAK we will all share one file on the Server.  That file is called a .gpk file.  It is imperative that we differentiate each division so that Traffic does not overwrite Right of Way or L&D does not overwrite Survey etc. 

In GEOPAK we use COGO (coordinate geometry) for design.  Geometry uses points.  These points will have to be numbered.  Each numbered point must be distinguished by the prefix of each division. 

d –  design
s –  survey
r –  right of way
t –  traffic
e –  environmental
h – hydraulics

Also each division’s point number will be 1 - 9999, i.e. d500 will be the numbered points for L&D., etc.                  
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Page last modified: Oct. 14, 2012