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The Photogrammetry Section is responsible for photogrammetric policies and procedures, maintaining the aerial imagery library, terrestrial scanning, and production of photogrammetric deliverables. The photogrammetric process consists of project flight planning, image acquisition, image processing, and control data for image orientation, data stereo compilation and mapping.

Photogrammetry is a surveying and mapping method that has many applications in the Department of Transportation.  Applications of photogrammetry in surveying practice include planimetric & topographic mapping, site planning, earthwork volume estimation for proposed roads, compilation of digital terrain models (DTM), and image base mapping (orthophotography) for Design, Environmental, Traffic, Hydrology, Planning, and other functional units within VDOT, as well as by consultants.

The photogrammetry section also performs airport clearance and obstruction lighting studies, and maintains compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and guidelines. 

Christopher E. Kelly, S.P.
State Photogrammetry Supervisor
VDOT - Location & Design Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA. 23219
(804) 225-4201 



James F. (Jim) Slaughenhaupt

(804) 786-3577
Kevin Takala

(804) 786-8602
Kam Lam (Douglas) Chiu

(804) 786-1573
Stacey L. Provence-Roosa
Image Analyst

(804) 221-5266

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