Location and Design Division

Central Office Telephone and E-mail Directory

If you have questions or comments pertaining to the Location and Design Division or wish to communicate with one of the individuals listed below, they can be reached using their e-mail address or by telephone. 



Telephone Number

Susan Keen, P.E. State Location & Design Engineer (804) 786-2507
Emmett Heltzel, P.E Director of Engineering Management Services (804) 786-0121
Terry Knouse, P.E Assistant State L&D Engineer (804) 371-2792
Vacant Assistant State L&D Engineer
Richard Worssam,P.E. Assistant State L&D Engineer (804) 786-2501
David P. Beardsley, P.E.
State Traffic Design Program Manager (804) 371-2969
Jeffrey C. Cutright, P.E. Director Project Management Office (804) 225-4958
Jeff Wyatt CADD Program Manager  (804) 786-4715
Terri Horner Division Business Manager (804) 786-2502
Joseph P. Koscinski, Jr., P.E. State Geometric Design Engineer (804) 225-3934
Jeff Bragdon, P.E., P.M.P State Hydraulics & Utilities Engineer    (804) 786-8025
Eugene Reed Adams, Jr. LS, EIT State Survey Program Manager (804) 786-2565
Chris Swanson, P.E. State MS4 / Stormwater Management Engineer (804) 786-6839
Vernon (Butch) Heishman, P.E. Roadway Design & Special Projects Program Manager (804) 225-4310
CADD Support Helpdesk   1-888-683-0345 or
L&D Plan Library  

(David Layne) 


District L&D Engineer





Tamara.Pritchard, P.E.
District L&D Engineer
(276) 669-9935
Michael A. Jacobs, P.E. Culpeper
District L&D Engineer
(540) 829-7502
Bill Arel, P.E. Fredericksburg
District L&D Engineer
(540) 899-4494
Emmanuel O. Darko, P.E. Hampton Roads
District L&D Engineer
(757) 925-2561
Brian Casto, P.E. Lynchburg
District L&D Engineer
(434) 856-8276
Stephen Bates, P.E.   Northern Virginia
District L&D Engineer
(703) 259-2949
Jason Williams, P.E.
District L&D Engineer
(804) 524-6145
Alex Price, P.E. Salem
District L&D Engineer
(540) 378-5053
Matthew P. Dana, P.E.
District L&D Engineer
(540) 332-9118

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