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Accessing the VDOT FTP Server

Large files over 5 megabytes cannot be accommodated by most email servers.  To overcome this deficiency without the need to produce a CD or jump drive and deliver it, VDOT provides an FTP Server to assist with the transfer of large project files between VDOT, consultants, and local governments. This is a one destination system.  

Files can be placed in a folder designated for the consultant and they can be retrieved by VDOT and the reverse.  Files can be placed by VDOT and retrieved by the consultant.   

Complete the two attached forms and once the access is granted (within 5 business days) you must download and install a client FTP application, such as WS-FTP, FileZilla, and Core FTP etc.   (This FTP will not work with any browser).  
FTP Accounts are monitored for activity.  Any account that is inactive for 90 days will be deactivated. It is the responsibility of each account holder to maintain and keep their account active by changing their password every 90 days and to log in regularly (once a month recommended).    

Complete the following forms to access VDOT's FTP Server.


Send your questions and comments to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  A trouble ticket will be created and you will get a return email with an assigned case number.



Page last modified: Aug. 10, 2016