Advertised Electronic Plans Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Falcon Web Site for Advertised Electronic Plans?

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How do I create a search to find the files I need?
Follow Steps 1 through 3 Below:
Step 1
  • Search for the project you need on the CABB Webpage
Step 2
  • Find the E-Plan column and click on “PROP” link or "EPLANS"
  • Log into Falcon
Step 3
  • A list of sets will appear
  • Most projects will have a Microstation Files set, PDF Files set and a Proposal set
  • Select the set, and the files will appear
  • Files can be viewed or copied out to your PC
How do I know if I need access to Falcon?  
In order to view/download electronic plans for specific projects, All Contractors & Suppliers who view online plans will need access.  Each employee of the firm who will be using the Falcon Web Site will need an individual login and password.
How long does it take to get access?
You may request access Monday through Friday. It takes one or two days to get a response to your request.  You may E-mail your form to the CADD Support Helpdesk.                    

How will I be notified when I have been given a logon and password to the Falcon Web Site?                 
Your logon and password will be e-mailed to you as soon as your request has been completed.

What type of files are available on the Advertised Electronic Plans Web Site?
  • CADD software related files (ex. MicroStation, GEOPAK, etc.)
  • Official Plan Assembly (PDF file format)
  • Proposals
Bentley's MicroStation is required to open MicroStation (.dgn files). 

Where can I get the Access Forms?
You can acquire access by completing the Falcon request and security Access Form.
You may E-mail your form to the CADD Support Helpdesk.  

If you experience problems accessing the content or need help send your questions to the CADD Support Helpdesk.

Page last modified: Dec. 12, 2014