2001 Road and Bridge Standards

Location and Design Division 
Issued February 2001 
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Welcome to the 2001 Road and Bridge Standards website. The electronic version of the 2001 Road and Bridge Standards is based on the published edition dated February 1, 2001 and contains all revisions issued since that publication. The following sections provide links to the electronic standard documents and additional information regarding this manual.



  • Table of Contents
    • Comprehensive listing of all standard sheets, including all revisions, categorized by section.
      Revised: February  2008
  • Complete Sections
    • Section by section files comprised of only the current version of each standard.
      Revised: February  2008
  • Revision Index
    • Listing of all published revisions to the standards, including each revision letter and the standard sheets included in each revision.
      Revised: February  2008
  • Insertable Sheet List
    • Document summarizing all current insertable sheets to be included in VDOT plan assemblies.
      Revised: February 2008

Additional Information

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