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As part of the continued promotion of transportation partnerships between the Virginia Department of Transportation and local governments, the 2005 General Assembly included language in the appropriations act for the agency to establish a Local Partnership Team.

The primary responsibility of the team is to provide technical assistance and training opportunities to local government staff administering federally funded transportation projects.


Name Responsibility Functional Division
Tammy Mancinelli
Civil Rights  Civil Rights

Fred Hoover
Procurement review External and Construction Audit

Richard Britton Construction management/inspection Scheduling and Contract

Chip Ray
Environmental Environmental

Yolanda Newton 
Finance/Programming Programming

Bradley Gales
Compliance Internal Audit

Tommy Schinkel
Materials testing and acceptance


Larry Trachy
Operations Operations and Security

Margit Ray
PPTA/Design Build Innovative Project Delivery

George Rogerson
Project development Location and Design

Les Griggs
Right of Way and utilities Right of Way and Utilities

Jim Fariss
Structure and Bridge Structure and Bridge


Team Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance from a statewide perspective to local government staff overseeing locally administered projects on specific subject area

  • Communicate clearly and work harmoniously with all levels of management within the department, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), local governments and the public

  • Answer technical questions, develop training, and share lessons learned and best practices

  • Develop guidance to assist local staff with resources available and program level issues

  • Coordinate and conduct special work sessions on myriad topics for local governments as a group within VDOT’s nine construction districts,  with an emphasis on local governments’ successful implementation of federal guidelines and the Federal Highway Administration’s expectation that the department is responsible for the proper implementation of the federal program

  • Provide guidance to better equip localities for overall program and project management


ALERT:  Elevated Chloride Levels in SikaGrout® 300 PT Cementitious Grout
The U.S. Department of Transportation-Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has issued two memorandums pertaining to various levels of chloride found in grout used to fill tendon ducts in post-tensioned construction.  The producers of the material informed FHWA that their 300 PT grout produced from November 2002 until March 2010 at the Sika plant in, Marion, Ohio, contained significantly varying levels of chloride.
For more detailed information please read the memorandums issued by FHWA that is attached to the link at the top of page; please pay close attention to the three items listed in the first paragraph on the memorandum dated February 10, 2012.

New Hazardous Materials Video available for local governments: As part of VDOT’s continuing effort to provide local governments with the resources to effectively manage their transportation projects, the Environmental Division recently completed a video providing guidance on dealing with hazardous materials during design and construction of highways. It can be found on VDOT’s YouTube Web site at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR94SWnhtos.

Training for Localities

Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies

Local public agencies now have a centralized hub for guidance, policies, procedures, and best practices for administering federal-aid projects. 

FHWA worked with state and local partners to create a library of videos covering key aspects of the project development and delivery process to help local governments get the information they need about the Federal-Aid Highway Program. 

The video library is accessible from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. 

The videos each focus on a single topic, are all less than 10 minutes long.

See them at: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/federal-aidessentials/

Upcoming NHI Training Opportunities

The Transportation Training Academy (TTA) is sponsoring several courses that would be beneficial to our local government partners.   They are listed below with a brief description and the appropriate links for each course registration.  The VDOT Learning Center will cover the registration costs for all local government attendees for each NHI course.  The locality would be responsible for all travel expenses.   These courses are very valuable to those local governments that are administering transportation projects.


Locally Administered Projects Core Curriculum:

 Web-based self-paced courses available from NHI 

Other Recommended web-based self-paced courses from NHI:

Project Management Development Program

VDOT is pleased to open courses in our Project Management Development Program to our local partners.  This curriculum has been designed in partnership with ESI International and The George Washington University and is designed for professionals who engineer, construct, and maintain transportation infrastructure.  Additional information is available in the program catalog.pdf (1 MB)

Courses are offered at a reduced rate for local government staff under VDOT's agreement with ESI International.  For more information on this program, please contact Cordelia Starkes in VDOT's Learning Center at 804-786-3861.

Local Technical Assistance Program

The Virginia Local Technical Assistance Program provides technical workshops, seminars, and short courses in the various transportation related topics.  These courses are available to local government staff at a minimal charge.  The schedule of upcoming workshops and information on registration are available on their website at http://ltap.cts.virginia.edu/index.php.

VDOT Project Coordinator Training Program

The Local Assistance Division with Assistance from the Local Partnership Team has prepared a short course that provides VDOT Project Coordinators with an overview of PC roles and responsibilities and the LAP Program.  This training was provided to VDOT staff in the fall of 2011 and is available for download here. (4.6MB)




For Additional Information

Contact Russ Dudley at 804-786-6663 or by e-mail at Russ.Dudley@vdot.virginia.gov


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