Locally Administered Projects

Virginia’s transportation program delivery continues to evolve to include increasing roles and responsibilities by local governments.  

Much of this change has been initiated through changes in Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) business philosophy, the Virginia General Assembly’s direction through legislation, and an increase in local funding to meet transportation needs. 

As a result, VDOT is expanding beyond its traditional role as an implementing agency with an increased role in oversight and stewardship of the transportation program.  

VDOT is committed to developing programs and processes that provide local governments the necessary tools to successfully administer transportation programs and that provide consistent requirements so federal and state stewardship and oversight obligations can be met and projects can be implemented in the most efficient and effective manner.


LAP Compliance Assessments



John Simmers, local administration program manager, 804-786-2571
Bernie Schmelz, local administration program coordinator, 804-786-2595
Clark Woods, local administration program coordinator, 804-692-0565


Page last modified: July 6, 2015