List of Transportation Projects Recently Approved for Local Administration

The following listing represents recent projects where the Virginia Department of Transportation's chief engineer has authorized the agency to enter into an agreement with a locality for their delivery of these projects.

The list includes:

  • Project data (UPC, project number and a short project scope)
  • Locality administering the project
  • Date the request was approved by the chief engineer

The list will be updated monthly and will represent the latest three months of information, starting with the last quarter of Fiscal Year 2008.

This list only represents projects within programs that require a VDOT “Request to Administer Project” form.

Projects under the Urban Construction Initiative Program and projects funded solely with enhancement funds do not require “request to administer” approval. These projects are all assumed to be locally administered.

Locally Administered Project Construction Advertisement Commitments:

This list represents those locally administered projects “committed” to advertise within the current calendar year.  The initial list represents the commitment “baseline”.  Commitments achieved (actual advertisements) are reported to the Deputy Chief Engineer twice each month.  The list will be updated at regular intervals to include actual advertisement dates with project counts and dollar values.

The attached list includes:

Statewide for CY2015, the local program commitment baseline is to advertise 144 projects valued at $310M.

Prior Year LAP Construction Advertisements (end of year results):
CY2014 – 191 projects valued at $249M
CY2013 – 186 projects valued at $284M
CY2012 – 184 projects valued at $560M (includes Chesapeake’s Dominion Blvd. valued at $320M)
CY2011 – 127 projects valued at $226M
CY2010 – 78 projects valued at $180M


Page last modified: April 16, 2015