County Assumption of Secondary System Feasibility Study

Devolution Guidebook

 The Devolution Guidebook was developed as a resource to help counties understand the complex array of issues they may need to consider and address as they make decisions related to the assumption of secondary road responsibilities.  While the guide is not intended to establish formal VDOT policies on devolution issues, it does identify applicable State and federal laws and regulations.

Devolution Model

The Feasibility Model for Secondary System Assumption by Virginia Counties (Secondary System Analysis Model or “the model”) was developed to provide Virginia’s counties with a tool for exploring the costs and institutional implications (staffing, equipment, and facility needs) of assuming secondary system responsibilities under four devolution options:

  1. Maintenance only
  2. Construction only;
  3. Maintenance and construction; and
  4. Maintenance, construction, and operations (full devolution and operational responsibility, similar to the arrangements currently in place for Henrico and Arlington Counties).

To the extent possible, the model is designed to replicate what would be required to deliver a county-level secondary system program if a county mirrored VDOT’s current approach and service levels.  Actual costs and resource demands a county would need to address under devolution may vary widely depending on the county’s unique characteristics, performance targets, and program delivery approach.  It is important to understand that, while the model will provide an estimate of the costs associated with each of the devolution options (based on the criteria selected), it does not provide an estimate of the actual State payments a County would receive.   Appendix D of the Devolution Guidebook contains a User’s Guide for the Computer Model.

For additional information, county representatives should contact the VDOT residency maintenance manager for their county.

VDOT Central Office Contacts:

Russ Dudley, section manager, Local Oversight 804-786-6663
Bernie Schmelz, program manager, Local Oversight 804-786-2595





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