Fairfax Permits Section Contacts

Section Contacts

Reception Phone:  703-259-1773



Permits Manager
Houda Ali , P.M.P. (703) 259-2931

Assistant Manager (Field Operations) 
Mike Kroskie – (703) 259-2788

Site Plan Permits
Aminul H Chowdhury  for commercial construction and new subdivision connection to VDOT right of way

Single Lot Permits  
Rashid Siraj for single lot permits such as driveways, sanitary sewer connections, water connections

County Public Works Permits 
Rashid Siraj for County Permits in VDOT right of way

Cell Towers Permits 
Long Nguyen for Cell Towers, new, existing, upgrades, and agreements

Street Acceptance
Nadia Alphonse for new subdivision street acceptance and changes in VDOT right of way (abandonment/vacation)

Landscaping Permits
Email to:  NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov for planting, maintenance, or removal of landscaping in VDOT right-of-way

General Information
Email to: NOVAFairfaxPermits@VDOT.Virginia.gov for status of permits, permit reinstatements/extensions,inspection requests

Permit Field Engineers
for Respective Areas

Comments and Suggestions

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