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Please make sure you have the latest ADOBE reader to fill out and save all Prequalification Applications and forms.  
For Example Adobe XI or higher.

Calendar Year 2017

The Department's List of Prequalified Vendors1

SBSD Certified List (Separate Agency)3

Applying for Prequalification

Rules & 

Long Form Submission Guide & C-32 

Short Form Submission Guide & C-32A Application

Form (C-71)

Safety Index

Click here for guide to complete forms

Notice on HB 1108
Form C-38
Click here for EMR Letter Example4




US Industry

Department of Small Business
& Supply Diversity (SBSD)

2016 Road & Bridge Specifications

2007 Road
& Bridge Specifications

Fictitious Name OSHA


Bidding Opportunities


Bid Express

BidX Holiday Schedule


Bid Letting Results


Contact for Advertisement

Prequalification Contact

Prequalification Email2

Subject heading should include:

  1. Vendor number or "NEW FIRM"
  2. Full Legal Name
  3. Indicate inquiry subject

ie:  Z1234/Firm1234/ques on C-38

Mailing Address:

Virginia Department of Transportation
Construction Division
1401 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23219
Attn:  Prequalification Office

Prequalification Office

(804) 786-2938

Email Us

Set Months of Expiration


1.  Contractor's email addresses in Prequalified List are active links.

2.  Please be specific on email subject heading. It is not necessary to indicate Prequalification. The Prequalification email is specific for all questions pertaining
     to prequalification

3.  SBSD status must be verified on Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity's official Certified Vendor List (Formally known as DMBE).

4.  EMR Letter from Insurance Company needs to specify they directly insure the firm applying prequalification.  The EMRs are to be representative of the applying


Prequalification Process

In order for bids on VDOT contracts to be considered, companies must meet certain Prequalification requirements and also follow the established bidding procedures.  Learn about the Prequalification process and get the forms you need here to bid &/or build on Highway Construction Projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Prequalification Program

VDOT's Contractor Prequalification Program ensures that all contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of Virginia's transportation system are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.  (2007 Road and Bridge Specifications, Division I; SECTION 103-Award and Execution of Contracts)  In addition to prime contract work, contractor prequalification is also necessary for first tier subcontractors unless otherwise noted in the contract specifications.  Suppliers, haulers and consultants are not required to be prequalified.  This includes any services such as engineering and surveying are not required to be prequalified.  As reference in VDOT's 2007 Road and Bridge Specifications Division I; SECTION 105-Control of Work: 105.06-Subcontracting.


Subcontractor Only (SCO) – A firm with this level of prequalification works only as a subcontractor, or has not yet established or re-established its safety history and/or work history to be fully prequalified. Review of an established safety history shall include, but not be limited to, the required three or more years of EMR ratings with an insurance company, an OSHA log history, and a strong safety philosophy. Review of an established work history shall include, but not be limited to, the proven history of their organization to undertake a project involving the type(s) of work for which prequalification is requested, and access to the equipment to perform the requested type(s) of work. With this level of prequalification, a firm normally is not allowed to bid to be awarded  nor have under contract a Highway project with VDOT as a Prime. The State  Director of Contracts, the State Construction Engineer or their designee has the authority to waive this restriction on a project-by-project basis based on the firm’s demonstration of evidence of ability*. Such waiver must be obtained, in writing by the firm prior to bidding on that project. . A firm at this level of prequalification will be assigned a minimum Prequalification Score of 75, provided they have a minimum Safety Index Score of 70. Should the firm receive a Contractor’s Performance Score (CPE) average score below 75, the Director of Contracts may administratively revoke the firm’s prequalification privileges.


VDOT Application/Forms for Prequalification

For Contractors who plan on bidding and building on Highway Construction Projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia:***

Rules & Regulations Prequalification Long Form | Prequalification Short Form |  Safety Index Rating Form - C38    Adobe Tips for filling out the Prequalification

Application to be Submitted

Partially completed applications will not be accepted. The Application forms all need to be completed to be considered for prequalification, this means no omissions.


Your firm is responsible to maintain copies of the yearly application submittals to the Prequalification Office.  Default to using the C-32 long form if your firm has not kept records of the previous year’s application submittal.  Only the current version of the application form will be accepted. (Revision dated 9/9/2015).


Notes from the Prequalification Officer

Click here to view the Notice on HB 1108.

  1. The Prequalification Review Process may take up to 45 days at time of receipt of the firm’s application. All firms are given sixty (60) calendar days, from time of receipt of the application, to correct all the deficiencies on their Prequalification Applications. Supplemental information can be used to revise a firm’s Prequalification, if it is received within this 60 day evaluation period. After the 60 day evaluation period has passed, the evaluation period is over and supplemental material will not be accepted. A firm will need to submit a new C-32 (long form) for consideration on their prequalification review.
  2. Prequalification Level - Every firm is assigned a prequalification level. The level may impact if the firm may bid as a Prime and may restrict the allowable dollar amount a firm may bid on a project. It is IMPORTANT that a firm understands their Prequalification Level prior to bidding on a project. Every firm who bids needs to understand the guidelines of their Prequalification Level that is assigned to their firm.

    The Prequalification Levels are as follows: Prequalified , Prequalified (Conditional), Prequalified (Currently Inactive), Prequalified (Probationary), Subcontractor Only and Denied.
  3. Waiver Request Information for the following levels: Prequalified (Probationary). Prequalified (Currently Inactive), Prequalified (Conditional) and Subcontractor Only.  The Director of Contracts, the State Construction Engineer or their designee has the authority to waive the specific level’s restriction on a project-by-project basis based on the firm’s demonstration of evidence of ability. Such waiver must be obtained, in writing by the firm prior to bidding on that project. Ability shall be demonstrated by three project evaluations and/or three reference letters on projects in which the firm has performed similar size and scope of work. The firm may also provide anything they deem as necessary for supportive documentation.  Please submit all waiver requests on a project by project basis to Don Silies, Director of Contracts at

  4. Work Classes assigned to a Highway Construction firm’s prequalification indicates the firm’s noted area of expertise. The work classes assigned is evaluated by the firm’s previous history of Highway Construction work performed (Not to include a Prime’s subcontractor(s) work performed on the firm’s projects) and Highway Construction equipment currently owned as well as immediately available Highway Construction equipment to be used to perform any work on all scopes of current Highway Construction Projects.  

Please Note:  Work classes assigned by VDOT does not limit a Highway Contractor to those work class areas.  They may perform Highway Construction work in other work classes as long as the Highway Contractor has demonstrated their firm currently employs the expertise workforce & has the Highway Construction equipment immediately available to perform this scope of work on the VDOT Highway Construction Project(s).  The only limitation is if the firm is assigned Subcontractor only (SCO) then this firm may not bid nor work as a Prime.  (See criteria above)   

  1. Prequalification Official Notification: Please note once your firm is approved for Prequalification or extended on VDOT’s Prequalified List then that is the official notification. A one page print-out of your firm’s prequalification on the VDOT Prequalified List is official proof for a firm’s prequalification with VDOT. Currently prequalified Contractors please review over the Updated Renewal Extension Program to see if your firm qualifies (Item# 6).

    Please note if an existing prequalified firm has a question in regards to their Prequalification Status it is recommended to check our Prequalified List prior to a phone call to our office The Prequalified List is updated every Monday by 2pm (except if a holiday then the following business day).

  2. Updated Renewal Extension Program for currently prequalified firms:  An existing prequalified firm who is in “good standing” with the SCC that is submitting their application earlier than one week prior to their designated or extended expiration date will be granted a 60 day extension until the firm’s application review is completed. The extension may not be posted until the last week of the firm’s designated or extended expiration month. If a firm submits their application 6 days or less prior to their expiration date it may take a week to process to grant the 60 day extension. Even though your firm is extended, the completion of the review may not occur until after the scheduled expiration month. As long as the firm has submitted their renewal on time they will continue to be extended until the review is completed. If after the review there are corrections needed, the firm is given 30 days to respond once contacted from the Prequalification Office. After the 30 day mark the firm will expire if corrections are not received.
  3. Disclaimer: Note VDOT’s Prequalification process is solely for VDOT Highway Construction Projects. VDOT takes no liability as to how out-of-State Agencies, in-State Agencies, Municipalities, Private Sector or any other entities’ interpret VDOT’s Prequalification Rules & Regulations and the Department's List of Prequalified Vendors.  The other aforementioned entities who are advertising a project and choose to refer to VDOT’s Prequalified List are responsible for their own guidelines. So, if there are questions other than being prequalified for VDOT Highway Construction Projects, please contact the entity that is advertising/soliciting a project.
  4. Questions sent via EMAIL should be sent to the Prequalification Office at
    (Please do not email applications)

Subject Heading of the EMAIL: It is very important for the firm to include the following information:

1. Vendor number, if the firm has one orNEW FIRM” if first time applying
2. Full Legal Name of the firm as registered with the SCC
3. Simple one to three word(s) explanation of what the question entails

  1. Requests after a firm has been Processed for Prequalification: Please note once your firm has been placed on the Prequalified List the firm will be re-evaluated at the next Application Submittal. If a firm makes a request after their annual submittal has been reviewed then their inquiry will be placed in the queue and may take up to 60 days to be re-evaluated and addressed.
  2. Bid-X requests must include the full legal name of the firm as registered with the SCC and the authorized officer’s full legal name. (First, Middle, Last Names spelled out)
  3. Change of Currently Prequalified Firm’s Contact Information: Please note in order to change any contact information in your firm’s prequalification file, we will need an authorized letter on your firm’s letterhead with the change requested and signed by an authorized Officer from page 2 of the current C-32 Application on file.
  4. Financial Statement from a CPA is no longer required. Please make sure your firm's Annual Balance Sheet, page 9 from the C-32, for all applications are completed with no omissions and signed by an authorized officer’s signature from page 2 on C32.  This document needs to be notarized by an authorized notary who is a non-vested interest person to the firm. 
  5. Special Bonding Requirement is determined for a firm by the review of the C-32, page 9: Annual Balance Sheet. Firms are notified if they meet this requirement and is always subject to determination at time of bid as a Prime. Both Subcontractors and Primes are reviewed for this requirement regardless; however the requirement is only applied to a Prime who is bidding directly with VDOT on a Highway Construction Project.
  6. Safety Index Rating Score Form, C-38: Part 2, question #2
    Please go to the Department of Labor's website to look up the NAICS code (work category).
  7. C-38 Examples: Please see the examples for help on the C-38 form:
    1. Newly Established Firm less than One completed Calendar year rev 11/10/15
    2. Established Firm with an EMR Average rating above .85 rev 11/10/15
    3. Established Firm with an EMR Average rating below .85 rev 11/10/15
    4. Instructions for the C-38 Form 10/23/13
    5. Example of the EMR Letting  6/6/16
  1. Safety Manual: Only send the front cover with the firm’s name and a table of contents and the last numbered page.  A full Safety Manual is not required.
  2. SCC: In accordance with the VA CODE § 2.2-4311.2 a firm shall be registered in good standing with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s State Corporation Commission (SCC) to transact business in the Commonwealth. Please contact the SCC directly if there are any questions at 804-371-9733. SCC website:
  3. The Prequalification Office cannot continue to process a firm’s Prequalification Application until the firm reconciles their standing with The Commonwealth of Virginia’s State Corporation Commission.
    An application submittal may be rejected if the SCC for the firm is not in good standing.
  4.  Mailing Application Info: To help expedite your prequalification application place the following information outside of your firm's 8-1/2 x 11 envelope:
    1. Vendor # or New Firm (meaning never applied for prequalification with VDOT)
    2. C-32 or C-32A or Corrections
    3. Please do not staple the application together. Clipped application papers are appreciated.
  1.  Renewal: Please note the following information for your firm’s Prequalification extension requests and expiration
    1. If an extension of Prequalification privileges is needed, submit an official request, on company letterhead, signed by an authorized company officer (from the current page 2 of C-32 on file). Extension requests will be accepted 30 days prior to expiration. An emailed or faxed request cannot be accepted.
    2. If the firm has not sent in their renewal application and has not requested an extension by the last day of the expiration month the Firm's Prequalification will expire and a C-32 application submittal will be required. If the firm's prequalification expires the firm will be removed from the Prequalified List.

Below are the set months of expiration for firms starting with the letter or if the firm has a formal person’s name, the first letter of the last name.

1.   January A       2.   February B
3.   March C       4.   April D & E
5.   May F, G, & H       6.   June I, J, K, & L
7.   July M, N, & O       8.   August P, Q & R
9.   September S       10.   October T Thru  Z

Click here to view the Prequalified List

Mail Application/Forms to the Address below:

Virginia Department of Transportation
Scheduling and Contract Division
1401 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Indicate the following information on the envelope:
Vendor #:  Indicate application Form  (C-32 or C-32A or Corrections)

Please contact the Prequalification Office if you have questions about the prequalification forms:

Phone: (804) 786-2938


Reference Information:

SBSD Certification:
The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification program and The Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) certification is handled by the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity.  Click here to view the SBSD Certified List.

Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
101 N. 14th Street, 11th Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219
1-800-223-0671 (Virginia Only)
(804) 786-6585 or visit their website at

BOWD Center:
The Business Opportunity and Workforce Development (BOWD) Center is an initiative offered by the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Civil Rights Division to provide supportive services and training to certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms.

Identify upcoming contract opportunities
Review VDOT's Construction Advertisement Bulletin Board (CABB) for descriptions of contracts recently advertised for bidding by VDOT and the date which bids are due.

Contractor’s Performance Evaluation (CPE) Program:
Review VDOT’s CPE webpage  for information on the CPE Program used to evaluate Contractors on Construction Projects.

Debarment and Suspension List:
Debarment List (Provided by the General Service Administration [GSA])

Please go to the US Census Bureau website

Please go to the Department of Labor's website

VDOT Materials Approval
Please refer to the Materials Division webpage

Traffic Control Devices Pre-approval Program
Please refer to the Traffic Engineering - Traffic Asset Program webpage

Advertisement Subscription - All prequalified contractors are automatically emailed all Highway contract advertisements. Non-prequalified businesses may request to be added to the email distribution list. For more information call (804) 786-2124 or select either form to receive our advertisements through email.  (WORD)  (PDF)

Purchase plans and proposals:
After your firm identifies a project or projects of interest, your firm must call in advance to purchase plans and proposals from VDOT's Construction Division Plan Room. The contact phone number for the Plan Room is:  (804) 786-1898 to place and order or to be mailed or picked up at 1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Plans and proposals for advertised contracts are identified by the Order Number listed in the corresponding advertisement. Please have the Order Number available when ordering your documents.

The plan room also has available for purchase the following publications:

  • VDOT Road and Bridge Specification Book
  • VDOT Road and Bridge Standards


Page last modified: Feb. 8, 2017