Adjustment for Asphalt and Fuel Indices

The following indices are for use on contracts with designated asphalt price and/or fuel adjustment pay items in accordance with the applicable provisions for asphalt price and fuel adjustments.

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Price Adjustment Indices For Asphalt
(Updated 9/1/2015) 

  Short Ton Metric Ton
September          2015           Base Index   PG64-22 $469.00 $516.98
September          2015           Current Index   PG64-22 $469.00 $516.98
September          2015           Base Index   PG76-22 $613.00 $675.71
September          2015           Current Index   PG76-22 $613.00 $675.71



The following Indices should be used when contract contains VDOT’s “Optional Adjustment for Fuel”. (Updated 9/1/2015)


Gallon Liter
September         2015             Base Index $2.57 $0.68
September         2015             Current Index $2.57 $0.68


Please note that these Asphalt Price and Fuel Adjustments are also available on the Internet on VDOT’s Construction and Maintenance Contracting BUSINESS NETWORK or at the Web Address:

The posting of PG76-22 is new starting 1/1/15 and valid only for 2015 Plant Mix Schedules at this time.


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