Electronic Bidding

Questions Received from Electronic Bidding Training  

1. What happens if both Infotech servers go down and VDOT cannot retrieve the bids?

Answer : This would be considered a catastrophic event and the bid opening would be delayed according to the department’s Contingent Letting Policy, dated October 8, 2002. You will NOT be able to resubmit a bid since only the opening of bids has been delayed. This is handled similar to major snowstorm events.

2. When will a totally electronic proposal be available?

Answer: Is now available!

3. Can one person submit a bid from the same company and another person within the same company withdraw it?

Answer : Yes, in fact we recommend a company having more than one Digital ID on file. The bids can be viewed / withdrawn by any registered Digital ID of the SAME Vendor ID number. We have this in place so if someone becomes ill or is unreachable, someone else within the company may access all bids.

4. How are joint ventures handled?

Answer : Joint Ventures are given a new Vendor ID in the prequalification process and can get a Digital ID with that joint venture vendor number. 

5. Is it Surety Company or Surety Agent name in the bid bond section? Is the Max Allowed Amt really a percentage?

Answer : The Surety Company name IS really the Company name and not the agent’s name. The agency name and contact can be found at the bottom of the bond where it is signed. The Max Allowed Amt field, will calculate 5% percent of your bid when you enter 5% into this field. You could also enter a dollar amount.

6. What happens to the bids after the letting at InfoTech. How long are they kept?

Answer:Unless specifically asked to delete data or disk space becomes an issue, InfoTech has no plans to delete any information.

7. When the amendment is applied, the miscellaneous section needs to turn red.

Answer : The reason why this is not happening is that only those fields that have a yes/no question box or fill-in boxes are considered changes as far as the bid program is concerned. The folder color is only tied to these boxes being filled in or not. Since the acknowledgement of the revision is a form and is not tied to the proposal item changes, as far as the BID program is concerned, everything on the miscellaneous screen is still correct.

8. If not low bidder, do we still need to submit a C-48 Adobe Reader ?

Answer : Yes, all bidders must submit this form by Friday at 5:00 PM the week bids are due.

9. If three individuals have a Digital ID can they submit over each other?

Answer : Yes, within the same company. This is the same scenario as question # 4. The bids are available by any Digital IDs registered for the SAME Vendor ID number.

10. When verifying a bid bond at the last minute, is it a zero or O that is not allowed?

Answer : The Alpha O is not allowed. The first three characters are letters, the remainder are numerical.

11. Do you have to fill out the EEO statement if you are exempt in the miscellaneous section?

Answer: Currently, yes. We are going to look into adding the Exempt status to this portion of the Expedite software. 

12. If a job is delayed after contractors have already posted bids on the job, will the bid file be uploaded to VDOT or removed from the InfoTech servers somehow (automatically)?

Answer : As long as VDOT goes through the formal process of withdrawing the bid from Bid Express (through the admin pages), any bids received by Bid Express will not be passed on to the DOT. They won't be deleted from Bid Express (BidX never deletes a bid), however they will be moved from the "live" bids area.

13. You can also find our more Frequently Asked Questions on the Bid Express web site at https://www.bidx.com/site/static?page=faq.



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