Acquiring Electronic Plans and Proposals Using the Falcon Web Site


To: Contractors & Suppliers who view/download online plans and proposals

Beginning with the April 13, 2004 Advertisement, in order to view/download electronic plans for specific projects, each employee of the firm who will be using the Falcon Web Site will need an individual login and password.  You can acquire access by downloading the form below using the links provided.

Once you have downloaded the form, please fill it out and send it via fax.  You will be contacted, by email, to receive your login and password.  

Download the Falcon Access & Security Agreement Form Now! Adobe Reader

Learn more about Critical Infrastructure Information/Sensitive Security Information (CII/SSI) for electronic plans

Instructions (For Most projects):

1.  First, print this page

2.  To view and download Proposals and or Electronic Plans you must first go to our Construction Advertisement Bulletin Board (CABB) at .

3.  Next, at the top right-hand corner select "Login or Create Account" and put in your Email Address and Password then select Login.  

4.  Next, scroll down or search for the order number of the project your are interested in.  When you have found it, in the "E-Plans" column, you should see "PROP" or "PROP/PLANS".  This will let you know 
     whether this job has available the proposal and or plans electronically.  Click on the link.  It should automatically take you to the Falcon Web Site's Login page.

5.  Put your "FALCON" user name and password in and select "Login".

6.  You should see the sets for that particular job.  Listed will be the 1) Microstation file sets, 2) Proposal Set, and if available 3) tif files set, which contain the plans.

7.  To view, select the sheets of paper in the Options column for the particular set, it will then display the file or files needed to view on line or download to your computer (copy out).  From there you can view and 
     download the files as needed.


Instructions (For CII projects):

1.  To view the electronic plans and proposal for a CII project, please write down the number that would be located below the letter "PROP" in the "E-plans" column; for example 1654.

2.  Next click on the link; it will take you to the Falcon Login Site.  Put in your "FALCON" user name and login and hit submit.

3.  Select from the option "CII".

4.  Select the orange file folder and then select the number you wrote down. (Example:  1654)

5.  Select "ok" then "submit search".

6.  Follow the same steps as 6 and 7 above.


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