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Construction Division Project Phase Activities

Design Phase Support:  Estimating, Plan Review, Specifications, Value Engineering

Procurement Phase:   Advertisement, Award, Execution, Document Sales, Emergency Contracts, Prequalification, Local Administered Projects, *Streaming Video Link for Construction Division Bid Lettings*

Construction Phase Support:  Construction Engineering and Inspection, Construction Quality Improvement Program,  Construction Risk Management, Scheduling

Post Construction Phase:  Claims, Final Payment, Project Closeout


Kerry A. Bates, P.E.
State Construction Engineer
VDOT – Construction Division
1401 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Don Silies, VCCO
- Construction &
- Bid Documents
- Contract Documents
- Emergency Contracts
- Estimating
Dennis Motley, CCM
- Performance Measurements
- Federal Authorizations
- Prequalification
- Division Business
- Contractor Document Sales
Patrick O'Leary, P. E.
- Specifications
- Contract Closeout & Final
- Construction Engineering
  System Support
- Claims
Alan Saunders, P. E., CCM
- Construction Management
- Contract Administration
- Project Controls
- Scheduling
- Construction Risk
- Value Engineering


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  • PLEASE BE ADVISED:  We have uploaded an amendment file for J89 (UPC 107940) which deletes the DBE folder because there are no DBE goals for this particular proposal.  We are sorry for any inconvenience. (5/24/16)

  • Price Sheets for Order Number J78 (UPC 84645) have been revised.  If you wish to bid on this project, please make sure you download the amendment file in Bid Express.  (5/17/16)
  • J40 As-Built Plans
  • J08 - As-Built Plans - Zip1 | Zip2 | Zip3 
  • Order numbers J88, K03, & K12 are covered by the Structure & Bridge IIM 90.0 - 5/13/16
  • VDOT will no longer send the winning contractor the leftover blank proposals. In the past, these have been utilized by contractors to make extra contracts by inserting the C-7 and price sheets.
    If you have need for more copies of the contract than is supplied by the Department, you are encouraged to print copies from the electronic version sent with the emailed Execution letter. 4/26/2016

  • If you are experiencing difficulty in download electronic plans/proposals from the Falcon website via our CABB system, it could be due to the software JAVA.  Please select and download the following two links to assist in this issue:  JAVA 8 Configuration Instructions | The Johnathan Group File [zipped file]  (5/4/16)
  • J78 - Soil Survey Report - 5/4/15
  • J88 - As-Built Information - 5/4/16
  • J66 - Geotechnical Data Reports and As-Built Plans - 4/26/16
             Hampton Roads Transit Adjacent Construction Manual (HRT-ACM) - 5/12/16
    SOP 101.13 Worked Performed on the HRT ROW - 5/25/16
  • J77 - Soil Boring Report 4/20/16
  • New OJT Job Classifications Manual Revisions – Your Feedback is Needed! VDOT and VTCA have updated the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Manual for specific pre-approved standard job classifications for highway construction in Virginia.  (4/14/16)

  • City of Charlottesville Construction Services for Hillsdale Drive Extension Project
    VDOT Project No. U000-104-119 (UPC 60233)
    Federal Project No. STP-5104(243)
    Sealed proposals will be accepted until 2:00 P.M. on Monday, May 16, 2016
  • Construction Management Page - New
  • UPC 56899 (I-81 Bridge over the New River) / A preview of the electronic bridge and road plans are available via the Falcon Web site.  When you select this Link to Falcon, you will then type in your login and password to obtain the plans.  The project number for the road plans is 0081-060-126, C-501 and the project number for the bridge plans is 0081-060-126,B-603, B-608.  Disclaimer:  These plans are not approved for Advertisement or Bidding purposes and are subject to modifications without notification.
  • Asphalt Plant Mix Schedules (2016 Season)
    Please disregard any reference in Section 315 to tack being an included item.   All tack will be paid for the contract unit price.
  • Bonus on Pavement Markings on Plant Mix Contracts  01/06/16
  • Inspector’s Paving Checklist 11/4/15
  • Special Provisions and Forms for Pollution Prevention Guide and the ESCCC Training (12/2/15)
    • C107J12 - VPDES Construction Permits
    • S107J31 - VPDES Construction Activities
    • C107 Pt1 - Contractor Inspection Sheet
    • C107 Pt2 - VDOT Inspection Sheet
  • Volume II Plant Mix 2016 - 12/16/15
  • Volume II Surface Treatment 2016
  • UPC 98823 - Bridge Over Diascund Creek Information Session (8/27/15)
  • If you receive an error message while preparing your electronic C-24 (Proposal Guaranty) in Expedite for Bid Express due to a conflict of the Contract ID between the electronic version and the front cover of the Proposal, please fax in a hard copy of the C-24 with the Bond Validation Number at the bottom.  Fax Number:  (804) 225-2447
  • Attention Vendors with Active Contracts!  5/29/15
  • Asphalt Material Price Adjustment  1/12/15
  • Asphalt Material Price Adjustment - Vol.2 - Amendments. (SPCN) 1/12/15
  • S315R00 - Rideability (Asphalt) - 1/13/15
  • Public Notification of Parking Restrictions SPCN Templates
  • Notice to All Vender - Wage Decision Published 1/7/15
  • Trinity Industries ET-PLUS Terminals Memorandum - 10/15/14
    Trinity Industries ET-PLUS Terminals Memorandum - 10/28/14
  • Special Provision Copied Notes, Special Provisions, and Supplemental Specifications (Volume Two 2015)
  • Regarding TMA Rear Sign Panels - 9/5/14


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