update 1/24/12


Clarification Regarding Acknowledgement of Revisions


  • Recently there has been some confusion regarding acknowledgement of Revisions.  Please be sure to read “Electronic Bidding Procedures – Detail Amendment Process” under Electronic Bidding at the Construction and Maintenance Website prior to submitting a bid. Bid Express will alert you only of an amendment to the schedule of Bid Items.  All other changes such as time limits, specs. plan changes, etc. will not show up in BidX. As always, plan revisions are mailed to plan holders. However, to ensure you have all revisions you must check the advertisement page (CABB website) @ http://cabb.virginiadot.org.  Revisions are noted in the third column under “Notices”.  There is a link from BidX to this site.  When you view a individual project in CABB, there is a check box on the far right. If you check that box, you will be notified electronically whenever something changes on that project. By attaching your digital ID to your bid, you are declaring that you have reviewed the website for revisions, addendum, Q&A, announcements and other changes.


  • If you do not purchase paper plans or proposals from the VDOT plan room, I can notify you of plan revisions only if you select the notification box on the advertisement for each project you are interested in. It is your responsibility to check in NOTICES on the VDOT advertisement page for Revisions.



Page last modified: Oct. 14, 2012