Structure and Bridge Manuals

The standards, details, and design aids included in the various Manuals of the Structure and Bridge Division, Volume V - series, are provided for informational purposes only. VDOT does not warranty any of the information contained therein. It is the responsibility of the designer/engineer to perform adequate checks to insure that the designs, details, calculations are adequate/appropriate for the specific design with the applicable specifications.

Refer to the memoranda with each part of the Manuals of the Structure and Bridge Division for updates on information on new issues, revisions and other miscellaneous information. All the manuals are in pdf.

MicroStation DGN files are included as file attachments to the PDF files for  Part 3 thru Part 8 and Part 12.

Volume V - Part 2 Design Aids - Typical Details  PDF | ZIP File  21.9MB  

Volume V - Part 3 Current Details  PDF

Volume V - Part 4 Prestressed Concrete Beam Standards PDF

Volume V - Part 5 Prestressed Concrete Slab Standards  PDF

Volume V - Part 6 Cast-In-Place Concrete Slab Spans  PDF

Volume V - Part 7 Steel Plate Girder Standards  PDF                   
Volume V - Part 8 Steel Beam with Timber Deck Superstructure Standards PDF
Volume V Part 2-8 Complete Manual Zip File  -  Download 53.2MB (MicroStation DGN files not included)
Volume V Part 11 Geotechnical Manual for Structures PDF  
Volume V Part 12 Sound Walls - Architectural Treatment PDF
Other Structure and Bridge Manuals, Guides, and IIM


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