Procurement Staff, Commodity List

Below are major commodities and services purchased by the Virginia Department of Transportation, along with the name of the responsible contract officer or buyer responsible for those purchases. 

Many other items and services are purchased. Our staff will be glad to discuss the agency's needs for items not shown on this page.  

The Administrative Services Division, through its purchasing, general services and capital outlay sections, purchases all goods, services, building construction and maintenance, and renovation.

Contract Officer,
Alice Braswell-Jones, VCO
804-786-1642 Lighting maintenance, consulting services, rest areas
Contract Officer,
Fred Haasch, CPPB, VCO

804-786-2764 Street sweeping, bridge cleaning
Contract Officer,
Caroline Hudgins, CPPB, VCO
804-786-2725 TAMS, Aggregate, heavy equipment, repair parts, blades/snowplows and graders, mowers, snowplows
Contract Officer,
Walter Parker
804-371-6732 Tree trimming, tree removal equipment with operator, herbicide spraying
Contract Officer,
Cary Stickel, VCO
804-786-2753 Snow removal, street sweeping, security and janitorial, salt
Contract Officer,
Margaret Sumiel

804-786-5782 TAMS, conference planning, office supplies
Contract Officer,
Dan Vasquez, CPPB, VCO
804-786-5179 Traffic signal supplies, traffic counting supplies/services, traffic control services, snow removal, ferry boats, tunnels, sodium chloride, calcium chloride
Contract Officer,
Brenda Williams, VCO
804-786-2777 Professional services
Contract Officer,
Calisha Williams

804-371-6730 Mowing, traffic control services, capital outlay


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