Alternative Project Delivery Division

The Alternative Project Delivery (APD) Division is responsible for leading VDOT’s statewide Design-Build and Consultant Procurement programs.  The mission of the APD Division is to support VDOT in delivering projects by procuring professional services and design-build contracts consistent with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. In addition to procurement, the APD Division is responsible for developing and implementing statewide policies and procedures for both programs.

Questions and comments about the Alternative Project Delivery Division should be sent to:

Shailendra G. Patel P.E., DBIA
Division Administrator
VDOT - Alternative Project Delivery Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA  23219


Design-Build Program

Jeffrey A. Roby, P.E., DBIA
Design-Build Program Manager     

Consultant Procurement Program

Jeffrey L. Rodgers
Consultant Procurement Program Director

Design-Build Program  

The primary objective of the Design-Build Program is to utilize the most appropriate procurement method and contract that satisfies the Department’s goals and objectives for each project. The Design-Build Program is responsible for all phases of procurement from advertisement through award of the design-build contract. Additionally, the D-B Program provides post-award support regarding programmatic and contractual issues to help ensure proper contract execution.

Consultant Procurement Program

The primary objective of the Consultant Procurement Program is to lead the procurement of professional services by utilizing standardized processes consistent with the Department’s established policies and procedures. The Consultant Procurement Program establishes and maintains statewide policies and procedures for the procurement and management of all professional services for the Department. 


VDOT Named 2016 Transportation Owner of the Year by Design Build Institute of America, details here

Shailendra Patel Honored with 2015 Design Build Institute of America Award, details here

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