Structure and Bridge Statistics by Road System

To determine average costs per square foot of bridge, VDOT gathered data on all bridges constructed during the period from 1990-2000 (over 600 bridges). This period was chosen due to the relatively stable economy and low inflation rate experienced during the decade. The information from the 1970's and 1980's was not used due to certain periods of high inflation. The cost per square foot was then plotted and an average cost per square foot obtained. All but two of the values plotted between $60 and $90 a square foot. In addition, VDOT also analyzed a project awarded in October 2000; the average cost per square foot was $77.29. VDOT then analyzed all bridges awarded in October 2000, the average of which was $84.00 during that time period.

In preparing estimates for the GASB 34 requirements, the overall $75.00 per square foot was used for bridges. The same methods described above were used to determine the average cost per square foot of culverts to be $100 cost per square foot. Tunnels were valued at $20.00 a square foot based on data maintained in VDOT’s HTRIS system.

The Structure and Bridge data available on this website is provided by the Structure and Bridge Division (S&B) of VDOT. For further information concerning the data presented on this website, please contact Doug L. Horton, P.E., Assistant State Structure and Bridge Engineer, Structure and Bridge Division.

Structure and Bridge Statistics

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