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The NVUCC mission is to provide an inexpensive and informal forum to improve communication, cooperation and coordination among utilities and others with whom they interact.

NVUCC Meeting Information - (Printable File for May 8, 2007 Meeting with Map)

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The Virginia Utility Coordinating Committee (VUCC) is organized as a two-tier organization with a state steering committee and local utility coordinating committees.  the State steering Committee deals with national or statewide issues and local committees deal with everyday issues.

Major goals of VUCC:

  • Improve communication and exchange information among all responsible parties trade professional associations and the general public.
  • minimize damage to utility and street structures.
  • Coordinate scheduling of capital improvement and maintenance projects.
  • Minimize inconvenience and cost to the public in providing services.
  • Improve safety conditions.
  • Develop suggested standards for accommodating utilities with common corridors.
  • provide the initial impetus to start regional and\or local utility coordinating committees which once started will become self-sustaining.
  • Be a liaison network hub for members and potential members for this committee and regional and local committees by exchanging information.



  • Generated a focus on activities which have a statewide impact

  • Created statewide committees that work with independent local utility coordinating committees (UCC) to focus on statewide issues.

  • Local problems and issues have been shared with other local UCCs and state steering committee.  In turn, statewide and national issues have been communicated back to local UCC and member groups.

  • Provided a vehicle for networking among utility representatives and with Virginia Department of Transportation.

  • Assisted in establishing new local UCCs.

  • Enhanced the existing local utility committees.

  • Periodic information seminars are held for statewide participation.

  • Established Electronic Notification System.

  • Created I.D. Tagging System.


Utility Coordinating Committee:

  • Joint Trenching and local experiments

  • Subcommittee on cut-ins, pedestals and plant markings

  • One call System (Miss Utility) in Washington D.C.

  • Northern Virginia Damage Prevention Committee

  • VDOT's work on various parts of Northern Virginia for new highways and road improvement projects.

  • Develop a supplemental guide with park authority of Northern Virginia

  • Billing/collection for relocations

VTAVCTA  - Virginia Telephone Association
VDOT - Virginia Department of Transportation
VAEC - Virginia Association of Electric Cooperatives
MEPAV - Municipal Electric Power Association of Virginia
GOAV - Gas Operators Association of Virginia
IOU - Investor Owned Utilities
Virginia Utilities Coordinating Committee
Northern Virginia Utility Coordinating Committee
Richmond Utility Coordinating Committee
- Winchester Utility Coordinating Committee
- Hampton Roads Utility Coordinating Committee
FRED UCC - Fredericksburg Utility Coordinating Committee
R'OKE UCC - Roanoke Utility Coordinating Committee
CHAR UCC - Charlottesville Utility Coordinating Committee



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